Terms and Conditions


Redopapers believes it is important to have transparency towards its customers.
In the paragraphs below, we provide some explanation on the basis of our sales terms.
We believe this helps to enable a durable partnership.

1. All our products have a fixed retail price, which is indicated in the online webshop chart. Each point of sale needs to respect the stated retail prices of our products. In this manner, we want to offer sustainable and affordable products.

2. The goods delivered remain the property of the seller until full payment is received for the principal, interest and applicable charges. Risk transfers to the buyer upon entering the agreement.

The delivery of the goods shall occur within 3 — 20 business days calendar days.
Delivery time is counted from the moment payment has been received. Orders are chronologically recorded and processed. Most orders are shipped within a week. As we rely on social employment, production time is sometimes longer as we do not want to create unreasonable time pressure.

The shipment costs within Belgium is 8 EUR and 30 EUR in other European countries. Redopapers ships to all European countries. We do not ship outside of Europe. In this way we try to limit our ecological footprint. Due to the nature of our products, we do not have high margins on the sale of our products, which means we are unfortunately not able to offer free or discounted shipping.

The buyer must ensure that the goods can be delivered and installed by the seller in a normal manner at the agreed place and time, and thus ensure amongst other things that the place of delivery is accessible. If these conditions are not met, the buyer is required to compensate the seller for all damages, including waiting time, to reimburse storage costs and costs for the preservation of the case. If the buyer of the goods unfairly refuses a delivery, the seller is entitled to sell the goods to a third party without prejudice to any compensation for damages.

3. The buyer shall immediately check goods upon delivery. Any deficiencies must be reported as soon as possible and at the latest 7 calendar days after delivery by sending a registered letter to the seller. After this period, the seller is only liable for hidden deficiencies that make the goods unusable for the intended purpose insofar in the meantime the goods are not processed in some way and insofar the seller knew or should have known about the deficiencies. The buyer shall notify the seller at the latest within the 14 calendar days of the existence of the hidden deficiency by sending a registered letter.

4. Only when payment has been received, the order will be confirmed. Payment occurs via transfer to the Belgian bank account of Redopapers.

5. When one of the parties fails to fulfil its contractual obligations, the other party is entitled, after notice of default, to suspend or terminate the agreement without judicial intervention, if no useful action is taken within eight work days of the notice of default, without prejudice to the right to compensation.

6. Parties acknowledge that the invalidation of a clause in the agreement does not invalidate the entire agreement. In this case, the parties bound by the agreement undertake to replace the invalid clause with a valid clause that agrees as closely as possible with the original intent of the parties.

7. All of our agreements are governed by Belgian law. Any disputes that arise within the scope of this agreement may only be brought before the district courts of Antwerp.